Our Work

Government: DEN

Designed a new campaign for a staff engagement initiative.

Our Work

Government: DEN

Designed new campaign for a staff engagement initiative.

Goal: Grow Staff Diversity & Engagement

The client sought to roll out a new staff engagement initiative, showcasing the work of the diverse staff and their pivotal role in the day-to-day operation of the airport.

Solution: A Data-Driven approach

Since the ‘Powered by People’ campaign was already human-centric, we designed and helped outline a diversity & engagement deck focusing on the data behind diversity to engage the ‘Head’ and ‘Heart’ within the campaign.

Changing change.

There’s always a delicate balance to any ‘Change’ oriented initiative, but we sought to create a campaign and presentation deck that honored where DEN had been while also showcasing the benefits of where it could be, all while keeping the focus on what matters most which are the people.

Watch your campaign take flight.

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Monica Williams -​ Director of Equity and Inclusion, DEN